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4: Choose how InstaShop looks in your shop.

InstaShop offers a range of settings to control how your Instagram pictures look to customers.

  • In the 'MORE' drop down at the top-right of InstaShop, select 'GALLERY SETTINGS'.
  • You will see the pictures you have set to 'VISIBLE' and a series of options:
    • Gallery Layout: choose between GRID or SLIDER. Essential Plan customers can also choose the COLLAGE option.
    • Theme: This allows you to control the look of the carousel, which is what your customers see when they click on a picture in your InstaShop gallery. The LIGHT option has a white background. The DARK option has a black background.
    • Rows: This is only available when using the ‘Grid’ layout. It allows you to control the default number of rows displayed.
    • Gallery Zoom: By default, when a customer mouses over a picture in InstaShop, the picture zooms in. You can toggle this on and off.
Advanced gallery options
These options are only available to customers on the Essential Plan. You can upgrade here.
  • Show pins in gallery: By default, pins are not displayed until a customer clicks on a picture. You can show pins in the gallery by turning this option on.
  • Pin type: You can control the type of pin used when customers click on a picture. Options include:
    • Circle – this is the default pin type
    • Radar – a dot with a radiating circle, to attract the customers attention
    • Star
    • No pins – there will be no pins on your picture. You product links will still remain on the right hand side. Note, if you have ‘Show pins in gallery‘ switched on, pins will display in the gallery still.
  • Gallery overlay: when a customer mouses over a picture, they will see a message. By default, the message reads ‘Shop Instagram‘. You can change this message. Message is limited to 16 characters.
Once you are happy, click 'SAVE'.

Great. You have now set up InstaShop!

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